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Perfect conceptualization of an accomplished task..


Eventa with its expertise in the field for more than 12 years is the best you can depend to picture your dream events perfectly. A sister concern of Olive media with its resourceful and insightful team is committed in delivering top notch services to its clients. Olive media has the experience of organizing several memorable events in the middle east and has been acclaimed as one of the best in the field. With this remarkable background and thirst for materializing innovative ideas it is turning out to be the finest event planners of kerala.

Our Mission

An event that makes the beginning of the journey of two souls in to one towards eternal togetherness. Such a divine ceremony need to be special in every way. It should be perfect and create lasting impressions. It has to be unique with all its color and richness. An event to be cherished every day. Eventa helps to make your wedding so unique and special in every way that you feel it is more than your dream. Taking the whole responsibility of organizing a wedding from you, we source the best throughout the entire process; from the beginning of fixing the avenue and picking cards, we shape up that perfect wedding and remain with you till the newly weds pack for their honeymoon. Eventa designs and completes each and every aspect of wedding in the most unique way. Apart from organizing Muslim, Hindu or Christian wedding in the most traditional way we also have an efficient team to conduct Brahmin wedding retaining all the purity and sanctity of each function or be it a Parsi wedding. We design weddings in the way that it reflects the uniqueness of each couple according to their caste, custom, personality or style. Theme weddings, destination weddings, adventure weddings, nature weddings…. Be it luxury or premier. Every type of wedding according to the new modern concept are organized best by Eventa.